Training and Consultation


Our TST can help. We have a trained staff of technicians and engineers that can visit your location to provide top quality training to your organization in area covering welding instruction, real-world examples, live welders and robots. We live and breathe production welding for some of the largest manufacturers on the globe. Sign up for training and learn how to program weld controls, identify faults, and perform maintenance in a spot welding cell.

While Training classes can be customized to your needs, here are a few basic courses to get you started:

•   Resistance Welding Theory
•   Weld Control Sizing
•   Preventive Maintenance
•   Theory of Operation for each specific product line / model
•   Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Techniques

Weld Application Consultation

Special welding needs? Welding Technology Corp. is experienced in welding exotic materials, identifying cell problems, getting the most out of your welding process. Our TST have the most experience working with developing Adaptive welding algorithms into our computerized control systems.

Circuit Board and Engineering Design

Circuit Boards, Custom enclosures, design. Engineering services for non-welding applications are always of interest at Welding Technology Corp.. We build thousands of weld cabinets and can bring your products to your customers with a cost savings plan. Put your projects in our hands and we will find you an efficient design with a full engineering staff willing to find you cost savings and keep you under budget.


Overview of Training Courses Offered by TST (pdf)

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