Welding Technology Corp

Welding Technology Corp's Technical Center is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan USA and houses all core departments that support our customers throughout the world.

Primary manufacturing-welding controls & electrical panels are produced on multiple assembly lines and are complemented by full load test stations for validation and quality acceptance. Our production environment can handle multiple high volume programs at the same time with various specialized designs.



Our manufacturing facility is certified to meet ISO 9001:2015 standards (Click here for a copy of ISO Registration Certificate ) and is compliant with various global standards and specifications for resistance, spot, and seam welding applications.

Our commitment to quality welding equipment has never been higher. And our capabilities have never been greater. Our manufacturing facilities are certified to meet ISO 9001 standards and the IATF 16949:2016 standards requirements.

Our affiliation with international corporations has literally allowed us to provide our customers with the best application knowledge with quality design, manufacturing techniques and timely service available.


Advanced Technology

Engineering - Welding Technology Corp engineering boasts a team of hardware & software designers skilled and knowledgeable in the total design of resistance welding control technology, starting from circuit board design through to full integration to customer specifications.

Research - With over 100 patents in resistance welding, our research team is continually researching ahead of production materials with innovative technologies to handle future manufacturing initiatives. This research utilizes robotic test cells for testing adaptive welding algorithms to deal with disturbances on existing and newly introduced materials.

Support - Welding Technology Corp has a Technical Support Team (TST) that is staffed with experienced technicians to support you on-site or by telephone to solve problems in resistance welding applications. TST provides training, weld control repair, on site start up assistance, and application support.

WTC History

Our History

The resistance welding industry began in a garage in Detroit, Michigan in 1936, where we developed the world's first weld control"timer".

Today, the Welding Technology Corp group, the world's largest provider of resistance welding technology, owns patents in every industrialized country in the world. We have rolled up the largest network of resistance welding expertise with the integration of many brands such as Weltronic, Technitron, Robotron and Medar in North America.

Teamed up with our partners Nadex in Japan, we have global coverage for our welding solutions.

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